SIRA Championship Regatta

Friends and family,

We have safely arrived in Oak Ridge, Tennessee for our final regatta of the year, the SIRA Championship Regatta! We compete tomorrow at the following times (EST):

9:45am: Women's Novice 8
10:00am: Men's Novice 8
10:50am: Women's Varsity 4
11:15am: Men's Varsity 4

Once we compete tomorrow, we will be put into heats to compete again, and hopefully move on to the finals on Sunday. We will keep this page updated with results!

In the past there has been a live stream of the event, and we will post the link to that when it is posted on the website. Here's the link to the website:

Thanks and gig 'em!

Cookies for Kids

Howdy friends and family of Texas A&M Crew!  This Saturday and Sunday (April 1st and 2nd), we will be holding a bake sale in which all of the proceeds will go to St. Jude's Hospital. We know that many parents, family members, and alumni may not have access to this bake sale directly, so we have also added a donation option on our square website. Attached below is that website and the event invitation for the bake sale. Please feel free to invite and share this as you please; it's going to an amazing cause.
Thank you in advance for any donations we may receive.

Heart of Texas

Texas A&M Crew will be traveling this weekend to Austin, Texas to participate in the Heart of Texas Regatta! We will be located at Festival Beach and will be competing both Saturday and Sunday. Times of events are as followed


Men's Open 8+ Event 103- 7:36 AM Final: 1:00 PM

Men's Novice 4+ Event 111 8:48 AM and 8:42 AM Final: 2:18 PM

Women's Novice 4+ Event 119 10:00 AM and 9:54 Am Final: 3:18 PM

Women's Novice 8+ Event 107 1:30 PM

Women's Open 8+ Event 115 2:42 PM

Men's Novice 8+ Event 122 4:00 PM


Women's Open 4+ Event 219 9:36 AM and 9:24 AM Final 3:16 PM

Men's Open 4+ Event 231 11:30 AM and 11:18 AM Final 4:48 PM

The Regatta's website with venue and other information is:

Come out and support us as we BTHO the competition!


Erg Rodeo

Texas A&M Crew will be heading to the University of Texas in Austin to compete in the annual erg competition, Erg Rodeo! The competition starts at 8 AM in the Gregory Gymnasium on Saturday February 13th. We hope to see you there as we try to earn our very own belt buckles!

PR Shirts


Open to all friends, family, and members of Texas A&M Crew! Order as many as you would please! Make sure to put the name of the Crew Team member you know in the “Team Member” section at the bottom of the page to ensure delivery.

Click on the link below to preview and order any items you would like!

Colors Available:
Violet, graphite, granite, chalky mint, lagoon blue (with white lettering), and white (with maroon lettering)

Our team appreciates your support in advance as we "Just Row with It!" Thanks and Gig'em!

Head of the Brazos

Texas A&M Crew will be heading to Waco this weekend to compete at the Head of the Brazos! Wish us luck and come by to cheer us on!

Saturday Event Times:

Men's Novice 4+: 8:15 AM

Women's Novice 4+: 9:30 AM

Women's Varsity 8+: 9:40 AM

Men's Varsity 8+: 10:40 AM

Women's Novice 8+: 11:35 AM

Women's Varsity 4+: 1:05 PM

Men's Varsity 4+: 2:15 PM

Men's Novice 8+: 3:30 PM

Oklahoma City Regatta

October 2nd through October 4th Crew will be heading to Oklahoma City for the OKC Regatta!

The race times are as followed:


12:30 PM Event 10:  Women's Varsity 8+

1:00 PM Event 14: Men's Varsity 4+

1:20 PM Event 16:  Women's Novice 4+

1:30 PM Event 17: Men's Novice 8+ (There are two Men's Novice 8sin this event)

4:00 PM Event 30b: Men's Varsity 8+

4:20 PM Event 32: Women's Varsity 4+

4:40 PM Event 34:  Men's Novice 4+

4:45 PM Event 35: Women's Novice 8+

Results and updates will be continuously posted as the team gets them.



New Website!

Howdy Texas A&M Crew Team Members, Friends, and Family! We are very excited to launch our new website as we begin our new season! Through this site, we will post updates on how our team is doing, as well as upcoming events. Located above is the navigation bar where you can find links relating to who we are as a team, the foundations of rowing, our online shop, upcoming events, photos of us, and contact information. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns, and we will get back to you in a timely fashion. Here is this week's list of upcoming events:

Tuesday, 9/8 @ 6-8PM: Informational in Rec Rm. 281

Wednesday, 9/9 @ 6-8pm: Ice Cream Social (location sent out by email!)

Saturday, 9/13 @ 8:30-11am: Learn to Row at Lake Bryan

Sunday, 9/14 @ 3-5:30pm: Learn to Row at Lake Bryan