Our Story

Texas A&M Crew was established in 2001 by Greg Wood. After finally acquiring the financial help he needed from the University, he and a few other founding members drove across the country to purchase our first boat, an old wooden Pocock. Because of the difficulties associated with starting a team, the crew did not race their first year. The following year, the team made its debut at the 2002 Head of the Colorado regatta in Austin, TX. It is there that they took the gold in the Mixed 8.

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After 18 years of growth and achievements, Texas A&M Crew has many people to thank.  The support of parents, alumni, students, and all of the Aggie Family have made it possible for our team to reach great heights and become a competitive and progressive group.  Thank you to all who have supported TAMU Crew financially and otherwise - your contributions have made an incredible impact on rowing at Texas A&M.

There have been many outstanding contributors that Crew would like to acknowledge:

Greg Wood

Jeff and Theresa Perkins

Dewey Elsik

Rick Smith

Tommy and Stephanie Collums

Mark and Kelly McCormick

Dan Callahan

Leslie Koontz