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Texas A&M Crew was established in 2001 by Greg Wood. After finally acquiring the financial help he needed from the University, he and a few other founding members drove across the country to purchase our first boat, an old wooden Pocock. Because of the difficulties associated with starting a team, the crew did not race their first year. The following year, the team made its debut at the 2002 Head of the Colorado regatta in Austin, TX. It is there that they took the gold in the Mixed 8.


Crew is the ultimate team sport.  Whether it's racing in an eight-person or four-person boat, the best crews consist of groups of athletes working together to achieve harmony, rhythm, balance, and speed.  Done well, rowing can feel like flying across the surface of the water. It also serves as a wonderful way to enhance one's personal fitness, as a low-impact sport that requires a combination of strength, speed, endurance, and technical skill.

One of the best things about rowing is that it is a lifetime sport.  Anybody can learn to row, at any age, and can master the basics in a short period of time.  Longtime rowers and coaches, however, will remind you that it can take the rest of one's life to master the remaining skills, meaning that there is always room to improve as an athlete and a person.


Meet Our Leadership Team


Our leadership team are all current Texas A&M students who have a strong passion for rowing and furthering our team development. They are all very involved in their academic studies as well as other organizations around campus!


Graham Jones

Head Coach

Graham is a senior Sociology major from Houston, TX. This will be Graham’s 4th year on Crew and has previously served as one of Crew’s assistant coaches for the past season. Graham enjoys rowing because it has taught him to be mentally strong regardless of the situation. Through rowing, he realized that all of his goals are attainable through hard work and dedication. In Graham’s free time, he loves to watch UFC fights, play piano and guitar, and lifting weights and rowing. “Teaching new members how to row is a passion of mine and I enjoy every moment.”


Matthew Megarity

Men’s Coach


Nate Baker

Women’s Coach

Nate Baker is a sophomore Ocean Engineering major from WIlliamsburg, Virginia. He has been rowing since spring of 2015, on the A&M team for a year, and entering his second year as our coach. Other than rowing, Nate was also in a FLO, MSC FISH. Nate loves the sport of rowing because he enjoys being on the water and to see his personal improvements after working so hard, mentally and physically. When he is not with Crew, he enjoys to spend time with his friends, cooking, and talking to other people about rowing. Nate is looking forward to a great year!


Mimi Hein


Mimi is a senior Biology major from Keller, TX. This will be her third year on Crew and has previously served as the Novice Women’s Captain and the Open Women’s Captain. Besides being the president of crew, she is also the New Member Educator for Alpha Omicron Pi. Mimi loves rowing because of the mental perseverance it has taught her. “The challenges we face are worth pushing through for our team.” In addition to rowing, Mimi also spends a lot of time swimming, since that’s where her background in sports comes from, and studying with her friends and coffee. Mimi is very excited to have the opportunity to lead TAMU Crew and “can’t wait to see where the season takes [Crew].”


Dylan Halbeisen

Vice President

Dylan is a junior from Austin, TX studying oceanography. He has been on Crew for one year and previously served as the Novice men’s Captain. Besides Crew, Dylan is also a part of the Texas A&M O.C.E.A.N. club. Dylan enjoys the sport of rowing because of the character it builds through teaching qualities like accountability, respect, grit, etc. and because he finds rowing to be a beautiful art. In his free time, he is an undergrad researcher in the department of Oceanography, studying biochemistry, and also like to write, read, and play the guitar.


Kristin Grimm



Jessie Gondran


Jessie is a senior Nutrition major from Austin, TX. This is Jessie’s second year on Crew, however, she has been rowing for about eight years and been a part of a team for four years. Jessie has a deep appreciation for the dedication it takes to be committed to such a demanding activity. Her favorite part of rowing is when the water is perfectly flat and the feel of the boat cutting through the water with the oarlocks all clicking in time. “Dang dude, that’s the stuff right there.”


Sarah McQuaid

External Relations

Sarah is a sophomore Biomedical Engineering major from Thousand Oaks, CA. Sarah has been on Crew for a year and has previously served in this position. Growing up, she was a dancer and horseback rider and had never heard of the sport of rowing until her freshmen year. Besides Crew, Sarah is also the Community Service Chair for Theta Tau, a Co-Ed Professional Engineering Fraternity. Sarah enjoys rowing because of the relationship she builds with her team and the physical demands of the sport. When Sarah is not doing Crew related things, she enjoys napping, reading, and hanging out with her roommates.


Katie Mulkay

Equipment Manager

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