Row for Dough 2016

Howdy friends, family and alumni of Texas A&M Crew! 

I hope you are all well and have been having a great year so far. If you haven't received an email from me before, my name is Kassie Stagner and I am the External Relations Officer for Texas A&M Crew this year. I am looking forward to interacting and possibly meeting all of you! 

This post is mainly focused on our Row for Dough fundraiser coming up in a few weeks on October 15th. While the main idea of the fundraiser is outlined in the information sheet attached below, I will give you a brief synopsis of how it works. 

Basically what we will do is we will go out to Lake Bryan on that Saturday morning and row for an hour on the water. For each 1K completed, a monetary donation of your choosing will be made on your behalf. For those that are not aware, in an hour a crew boat can usually complete about a 10-12K meter piece, so if you are interesting in pledging, please keep this in mind! 

Below I have attached the information form and the pledge form. This will also be posted on our Facebook page, our website, and sent out to our rowers. If you have any questions about this form, please contact me individually at

This is our main fundraiser of the year, so please help spread the word! We are looking to use the money that we receive from this fundraiser on boat repairs, buying needed equipment, and maintaining and improving our boathouse.

Please contact me if you are considering pledging money to our cause and I will help you get set up, or if you have any questions concerning this event, as well as any other problems or questions you have with Crew and I can try to help you get those sorted out! I hope to be in contact with some of you soon!

As always, thank you so much for your continual support to our team. We could not do it without you! 

Kassie Stagner                                                                                                                            External Relations Officer, Texas A&M Crew                                                                                          Email:                                                                                                     Phone Number: (512) 431-9400