Welcome Back!

Hello Crew-mates, family members, and friends! Hope you have all had a fantastic summer and had a good first day back into the swing of things.

We have set most of the dates for the fall semester, and they are as follows:

September 6th at 6:30pm in Rec Rm 281: Informational (+ Taco Tuesday). For team members: No one is required to come to this (other than the officers), but you're welcome to come and meet prospective novices :)
September 7th at 8pm: Ice Cream Social at a team members house (please contact webmaster@crew.tamu.edu if interested). Please come and help us greet new potential members to our team!

Learn to Rows: September 10th at 7-10am (Saturday), September 11th at 2-5pm (Sunday). For team members: once again, you're not required to be here, but you should come out and help (as long as you have your AOR signed and approved)!

The application must be filled out by both returning members and new rowers, and must be completed and turned in by 8pm on September 11th. The link to the application will be posted to our Facebook page, as well as this website when we have it up and running.

Contract Night: September 13th at 6:30pm in Rec Rm 281. Everyone should be here and ready to pay their dues.

Novice Days: September 17th at 8-11am (Saturday), September 18th at 2-5pm (Sunday). For team members: the same rules for the ice cream social and the learn to rows apply here (please come, if you have an excuse, etc).

Regattas/Important dates:
OKC: October 1st
Head of the Brazos: October 8th
Row for Dough: October 15th
Pumpkinhead: October 29th
Hooch: November 5-6th
NG Bake Sale: November 12th (tentative)

Our first meeting (with all the new novices) will be September 27th at 6:30pm in Rec Rm 281. We will continue to have meetings every Tuesday before every regatta, and possibly more if the coaches and/or officers think we need one.

Thanks to all of y'all and lets have a great season! Let me know if you have any questions.

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