Row for Dough Fundraiser 2018

This fall, Texas A&M Crew is hosting their annual Row for Dough event, their main fundraiser for the semester. In this event, the team will be put into their racing lineups and row for 60 minutes. Row for Dough will be held Saturday, October 20th. Parents, donors, friends, and companies will choose a boat or rower to sponsor with a money pledge per one kilometer (or base donation) that that rower or boat completes in the 60-minute timeframe. Most crew boats will complete about 10-12 kilometers in one hour, depending on their speed. This is a great opportunity for parents, alumni and friends to show their support for the team!

Texas A&M Crew is entirely supported through funds from team membership dues and donations. Our plan for the upcoming year is to raise enough money to do purchase a new shipping container for storage of the nine new ergometer machines that were recently bought, perform boat maintenance and repair, as well as complete other miscellaneous repairs on the boatyard and equipment. With our hard-working team, having as many boats up and running as possible is essential to the development, growth, and competitive abilities of the group.

If you are interested in pledging money to this fundraiser, please send an email to: with 1) the name of the rower or the boat you want to sponsor, 2) how much money you are willing to pledge per 1k completed, 3) how you plan on paying (cash or check).

Thank you so much for being part of the Texas A&M Crew family!