Spring 2019 PR Apparel

Howdy friends and family of Texas A&M Crew!

Here is the link to our PR shirt fundraiser for this year! The shirt we are offering this year shows all of our boats that we are currently own and race. It comes in three colors (light green, midnight, and burgundy) and is $15. We are also selling hats for $20 and they come in two colors (forest and charcoal).

*** When ordering the PR apparel, make sure you put down the name of your rower so we know who to give the shirt to to distribute it! ***


The store CLOSES Friday, March 22nd at midnight, so make sure you get those orders in before then! We will receive the shirts about one week later, then they will be distributed by individual rowers.

Please help us raise some money for the team to help with travel reimbursements, new equipment and renovations by sharing and inviting people to this event! Let us know if you have any issues! Thanks and Gig 'em!

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