Meet The Coaches

Our coaches balance coaching, rowing, work, and being a student at Texas A&M University. They are incredibly driven student-athletes that our team is thankful to have. They spend each week teaching the team how to row, creating and executing workouts with the team, and much more!


Madelyn Waldron

Head Coach

Graham Jones

Hello there, my name is Graham Jones and i am a Senior Sociology major here at Texas A&M. I have one brother named Caleb who is a graduate student at Texas A&M and a sister named Maggie who is the treasurer for Rhodes College Crew in Memphis, Tennessee. 

I started rowing in 2016 with Texas A&M Crew and i haven't looked back. What started as a hobby grew into a lifelong passion for me. This sport and this team has given me so much over the years. When i first became a coach it was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. As a coach, i am finally able to give back to other people who commit their time to learn this amazing sport. My favorite part about rowing is teaching new rowers how to row and most importantly to have fun with it. 


Graham Jones



Alexandre Tourte

My name is Alexandre Tourte and I am graduate student in civil engineering from France. I started rowing 5 years ago in France. I strongly believe starboard rules. Besides rowing, I am also on Texas A&M’s Gymnastics Team and I like playing the piano and doing card tricks. I really like being a coach because my job is to look at people to improve their skills and make them realize their potential.

Nate Baker


My name is Nate Baker and I am a Ocean Engineering major from WIlliamsburg, Virginia. I have been rowing since spring of 2015 and have loved it ever since. Other than rowing, I am involved in my FLO: MSC FISH. If you ever see me on campus, feel free to say hi. I love talking about rowing and teaching others about the sport and I hope that I extend this passion to everyone on the team.

Thanks and Gig'em!



Matthew Megarity

Howdy Y’all!

My name is Matthew and I am a junior Economics major here at Texas A&M. Before joining Texas A&M Crew, I rowed for three years in high school. I have a younger brother and sister, Jacob and Hannah, still currently in high school. Some of the things i enjoy outside of Crew are hiking, traveling, cooking, and quoting movies. I can quote movies for days. I have a bowling PR of 207, flex.

I have loved rowing ever since I first sat in a boat and I am incredibly proud to be one of the coaches for Texas A&M Crew.