Texas A&M Crew is an organization that operates with an extremely tight budget. We receive less than 20% of our operating cost from the university, leaving the rest to be earned in dues, donations, and fundraisers. Texas A&M Crew is growing in both organization size and goals. In order to support a larger crew and help us travel to bigger regattas, we need financial help. Our big goals include attending bigger regattas, building a boat house, and improving our fleet. Texas A&M Crew prides itself in being a self-made organization that constantly strives to improve our status through hard work and dedication. We have rowers, family members, and friends constantly working on equipment, events, and fundraising. We could not do what we do without the help of our support group. Make a difference today!

*Donating to Texas A&M Crew is tax deductible, meaning you can write off the expense on your taxes! It is a win-win situation for everyone.

To donate to Texas A&M Crew or to get involved with fundraising:

Texas A&M Crew would like to Recognize these people for their Support & Generosity

Fran and George Graffy

Donna and Joseph Swingle

Richard and Susan Cilento

Rebecca Clark

Mike and Nicole Watts

Bruce Dunai

Karen and John Hardin

Ashley Wall