Head of the Colorado Results 2016



Here are the results from the Head of the Colorado Regatta we traveled to in Austin this past weekend! Huge thank you to the parents that housed us on Friday night, as well as those that fed us at the regatta. We are so thankful!

We had great weather this past weekend, and we got in some great practice for every one, especially those heading to Hooch this upcoming weekend.


Novice Men’s 4+:

• Weitzel, C: 4th place with a time of 19:52.8

• Magana, E: time of 23:08.9

Novice Women’s 4+:

• Wenek, F: time of 23:17.1

Open Women’s 8+:

• Partridge, E: 6th place with a time of 19:00.9

• Creeger, K: time of 23:05.5

Novice Men’s 8+:

• Strother, W: 2nd place with a time of 20:32.9

Open Men’s 8+:

• Alexander, W: 5th place with a time of 19:15.0

Novice Women’s 8+:

• Vetters, L: time of 24:26.3

Open Women’s 4+:

• Partridge, E: time of 22:31.8

Mixed 8+:

• Strother, W: 2nd place with a time of 22:20.8

Open Women’s Lightweight 4+:

• Stagner, K: 3rd place with a time of 23:21.7

Novice Men’s 8+:

• Weitzel, C: 3rd place with a time of 19:34.1

Open Men’s 4+:

• Smith, J: time of 21:31.6


For more detailed results, please look at the link below. Thank you once again to everyone- parents, friends, and rowers alike! We are so thankful for your support!


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