Head of the Oklahoma Results 2016


We have the results from this past weekend's regatta in Oklahoma City: Head of the Oklahoma!

Please join us in congratulating our novices, opens and coaches on a job well done in their first regatta of the fall semester! The results are in order as how the races were completed:

Women’s Open 8+:
• A Boat: time of 17:01:899
• B Boat: time of 17:43:159
Men’s Open 4+:
• Time of 17:37:028
Women’s Novice 4+:
• 6th place with a time of 24:12:110
Men’s Novice 8+:
• A Boat: 5th place with a time of 18:07:011
• B boat: DNS
Men’s Open 8+:
• 6th place with a time of 16:18:320
Men’s Novice 4+:
• 3rd place with a time of 18:47:716
Women’s Open 4+:
• A boat: Scratch
• B boat: time of 19:31:107
Women’s Novice 4+:
• Time of 25:48:215
Women’s Open Night Sprint (500m) 8+:
• 3rd place with a time of 1:50:957
Men’s Open Night Sprint (500m) 8+:
• Cancelled due to weather

For more information on results, please visit this website:

Thank you all for your support, and especially for the parents that helped bring food to our regatta last weekend! Wish us luck at Head of the Brazos this weekend in Waco, TX!

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