Heart of Texas Results 2019

Howdy Y'all,

Crew traveled back to Austin, TX for their first water regatta of the season on Lady Bird Lake. The Heart of Texas regatta was such an amazing experience for our new rowers and a great time for our returners. The team brought back some amazing memories, stories, and medals!

Here are some of the results from our hard working team!

Gold Medalists:

- Novice Men’s 8:

M. Megarity Novice Men’s 8: 1st (out of 5) with a time of 3:31.0

- Novice Men’s 4:

W. Herrington Novice Men’s 4: 1st (out of 6) with a time of 3:42.6

Bronze Medalists:

- Novice Women’s 8:

S. McQuaid Novice Women’s 8: 3rd (out of 4) with a time of 4:30.3

- Novice Women’s 4:

L. Bomberg Novice Women’s 4: 3rd (out of 7) with a time of 5:11.1

Special Shout Out:

- Open Women’s 4:

Heat 1 (out of 2, advanced to final): K. Stagner Open Women’s 4: 2nd (out of 6) with a time of 4.16.6

Final: K. Stagner Open Women’s 4: 5th (out of the 6 top boats to advance) with a time of 4:19.9

Crew also wants to give a huge shout out and thank you to Emily Mitchell's parents and all the other parents and team members that provided food for us at the regatta! Our hungry rowers would not be able to make it through the long regatta days without your support and dedication to the team!