SIRA Results 2019

This weekend the team traveled to Oak Ridge, TN to compete in the SIRA (Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association) Regatta! The team did an amazing job at representing A&M and what it means to be an Aggie, on and off the water. Here are the last results of the Spring 2019 season:

Novice Women’s 4+

Time Trial: 7th (out of 13) with a time of 7:38.575

Finals: 1st (out of 6) with a time of 8.35.571

Novice Men’s 8+

Time Trial: 16th (out of 18) with a time of 6:21.112

Finals: 2nd (out of 2) with a time of 7:24.809

Open Women’s 4+

Time Trial: 16th (out of 17) with a time of 7:57.684

Finals: 4th (out of 4) with a time of 9:07.659

Open Men’s 4+

Time Trial: 24th (out of 28) with a time of 7:43.394

Finals: 4th (out of 6) with a time of 8:38.361

Congratulations to all our boats and especially our Novice Ladies for that gold medal!

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